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How to download Microsoft Office all languges

Hi you

Microsoft usually gives Microsoft Office English version. If you want to download Microsoft Office for your language you use, you can get it here.

I give you an example. This is link to download Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus (English version):

You see EN: English, US: United States

If you want to download German language, you replace en-us by de-de.

So you have new link to download Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus (German version):

I create a board here to help you find your language:

Afrikaans af-za
Albanian sq-al
Amharic am-et
Armenian hy-am
Assamese as-in
Bangladesh bn-bd
Basque eu-es
Belarusian be-by
Bulgarian bg-bg
Catalan ca-es
Chinese zh-cn
Croatian hr-hr
Czech cs-cz
Danish da-dk
Dutch nl-nl
United Kingdom en-gb
Estonian et-ee
Filipino fil-ph
Finnish fi-fi
French fr-fr
Galician gl-es
German de-de
Greek el-gr
Gujarati gu-in
Hebrew he-il
Hungarian hu-hu
Icelandic is-is
Indonesian id-id
Irish ga-ie
Italian it-it
Japanese ja-jp
Korean ko-kr
Kyrgyz ky-kg
Latvian lv-lv
Lithuanian lt-lt
Luxembourgish lb-lu
Macedonian mk-mk
Malayalam ml-in
Nepali ne-np
Persian fa-ir
Portuguese pt-pt
Romanian ro-ro
Romansh rm-ch
Russian ru-ru
Slovak sk-sk
Slovenian sl-si
Spanish es-es
Swedish sv-se
Thai th-th
Turkish tr-tr
Ukrainian uk-ua
Vietnamese vi-vn

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