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How Much Does AdSense Pay Per Click and Per 1000 Impressions

All webmasters dream to see AdSense in action on their websites and blogs. The reason behind this is the attractive and decent earning potential of Google AdSense. Google AdSense is known for its best CPC rates where you can earn from a few cents to several dollars per click. The rates greatly deviate from publisher to publisher and from day to day on same AdSense account. If you are new to Google AdSense and curious to know the answer for your question, “How Much Does AdSense Pay”, then you will get the answer to your question in this article.

Before proceeding to have a look over common CPM and CPC rates at Google AdSense, first have a look over the types of publishers where AdSense policies are somehow different for each publisher type.

Standard Publishers: Standard publishers are the largest in number and every person becomes a standard AdSense publisher when he or she gets an approved AdSense account for the first time. Standard publishers can show a maximum of 3 image/text ads on a single page along with some link units.

DFP Publishers: When a publisher is approved for Google’s DFP (Double Click for Publishers) program, the publisher may get a chance to show up to 5 image/text ads on a single page. Websites and blogs with a moderate traffic are accepted in DFP program.

Premium Publishers: Premium publishers are though few in number but they are the highest AdSense earners on the earth. Very high traffic websites and blogs are accepted into AdSense premium program. In addition to several other benefits, ads at premium publishers’ sites don’t contain “Ads by Google” label as well as a dedicated account manager is always there to help the premium publisher in working with AdSense for maximum possible output.

Earning Difference Between Publisher Types: CPC for first two types, Standard publishers and DFP publishers, is almost similar but DFP publishers get a chance to show more ads on their sites which boosts their earnings. In such a way, DFP publishers earn more than Standard publishers.

For Premium publishers, everything is perfect. They are given the best CPC rates as premium advertisers bid for placing their ads on high traffic websites and blogs. Quality of ads on Premium accounts always stays high, so the ads receive a good CPC. At the end, Premium publishers earn very big as a result of higher CPC and massive traffic.

How Much Does AdSense Pay

Google AdSense pays between a few cents (around 0.03$-0.05$ for third world traffic) to several dollars (up to 100$+) per click for serious buyers. Several factors decide the CPC for ads on different websites and blogs. The most important factor, which influences the CPC, is quality of traffic. Hits from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Sweden and other developed countries earn you big, while visitors from undeveloped countries earn you too little.

In addition, the niche of blogs and websites also impact CPC. Keywords for different niches has different CPC depending on their competition among advertisers and  the type of business connected with the niche. For example keywords related with mortgage, insurance and car finance may generate even several hundred dollars for a single hit while a Facebook signup ad will earn just a few cents when someone visits the add.

When we talk about CPM rates at AdSense, normally it pays around 1$ to $10 per 1000 impressions. The rates make it a very good CPM network along with its best CPC rates. The rates greatly deviate from publisher to publisher and from time to time.

Poor CPC Rates? Sometimes, you are given very bad CPC rates for any reason other than poor quality of traffic. This is usually resulted due to bad performance of your ads. When your ads receive too many pageviews and hits but don’t lead any sales on advertiser’s website, then the advertisers lower CPC for their ads on your website. AdWords allows advertisers to track and manage everything, so as a result of advertisers’ action, your ads may receive poor CPC rates.

In addition, ad types and ad sizes are also responsible for CPC. Rich Media ads earn you the most while static image ads don’t earn good for you. Similarly, recommended ad sizes also impact CPC and overall earnings.

Conclusion: Google AdSense has disclosed in its TOS and have warned publishers to not mention their earnings publicly, so every publisher keeps the earnings private. The CPC rates at AdSense stay between some cents to several dollars and these stats greatly fluctuate from publisher to publisher. So you can’t exactly say about CPC and CPM at Google AdSense. But it has been revealed that AdSense’ premium publishers are counted among richest webmasters of the world .
What are your thoughts about AdSense? Are you working with this profitable program or not? If you are working with AdSense, what have you experienced with it so far? Is it earning a good living for you or not? I am not asking you to mention your earnings but yes, I would like to know either you have found AdSense a profitable business or not .

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