Microsoft Access 2016


Access 2016 is an easy-to-use tool for creating business applications, from templates or from scratch. With its intuitive and rich design tools, Access can help you create highly and appealing functional applications in a minimal amount of time.

  • For 1 PC
  • Easily create database apps
  • All languages included

After your purchase, you will receive a download link and a license key that will enable you to activate your product within minutes.


Microsoft Access 2016 gives a rich stage to creating data set administration arrangements with simple to utilize customization apparatuses. You don’t need any client customization (counting report changes). You can also decide to disperse those Access 2016 arrangements. They can run without requiring a full establishment of Access 2016. To do this, you should bundle and disseminate your application with the Access 2016 Runtime.

The Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime like past runtimes. Furthermore, you don’t have to purchase any extraordinary item to rearrange the Access 2016 Runtime. As a result, you can easily rearrange it or guide clients toward this download.

Having trouble finding the specific property you want on the Property Sheet among the dozens of properties available? Sorting on the Property Sheet for forms and reports is here! It’s never been easier to find a specific property on the Property Sheet. However, Forms and reports contain dozens of properties spread among several tabs which sometimes means it’s hard to find the one you want. If you know the specific name of the property you want, sorting the list makes it easier to find.

Open the Property Sheet when you’re in design mode for forms and reports and you’ll see a sort toggle button in the upper right corner.

Moreover, Electronic Apps for SharePoint that worked with Access 2016. You don’t need a runtime. Just an upheld internet browser is required.

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