Frequently Asked Questions

  • It's Secure

    All accounts are made with years of experience and tried and tested methods, so you can relax while knowing your new account isn’t going to have problems as long as you follow the stealth guide

  • What is the stealth Guide?

    Stealth guide will help you to manage your stealth accounts and will give you the knowlege how to stay accounts live much longer.

  • I m not in UK ,can i use account in my country?

    Yes you can use anywhere in the world.

  • Do you offer any warranty?

    We offer guarantee for accounts who were used by the stealth guide but were suspended before you list your first item. eBay randomly suspending accounts, if this happens we will call and reinstate the accounts or we will give you a replacement .

    Please note that we are not responsible for whatever actions by a buyer that contributes to a ban after accessing an account, and strictly no replacement or refund will be offered if the suspension is a result of their own actions.

    Any question  feel free to contact us .