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Manage Your eBay Account in 2021

High QualityVPN

In 2021 VPN

 is essential. The eBay marketplace is looking behind your shoulder and sees what browser you are using & what IP is making the connection. But, the connection must be stable & do not change from one location to another. If you are not able to get a good VPN, virgin private IP is great for accounts too. This is the first step of manage eBay account.

Create New User For Every Stealth

New computer user for every stealth account is crucial. It works like a different computer and as a result, eBay cannot link your stealth accounts to one another.

Original Photos

Use original photos for your listings. This is extremely important when starting out with a new eBay account. Never use stock photos for the first 10 listings.

Do not use API Software

As of 2021 API software on eBay has come to an end. Due to massive spamming eBay does not like API software that is used by masses. If your software has been made individually for your business – you are good to go. Otherwise, work manually for the best result. People who use API in 2021 will lose.

Slow Growth

When the account is new – grow slow. You have to understand that eBay expects you to act as a new seller. Why a newbie should know how to list 500 items a day? Grow super slow. We recommend having more accounts with slow growth than 1 with fast growth. Act like a business.

Answer Messages Quickly

Stop being lazy. Because, if you lazy ones will be kicked out in 2021. When the customer sends you a message – answer as fast as possible. eBay sees everything. Please do not underestimate them.

Tracking Numbers

Seriously? It’s kind of sad that we have to remind you that. Tracking numbers are must in the eBay marketplace. Start using them and upload daily. It’s so important to manage your eBay account.

Get Better Every Day

Do not get stuck in the past. Use eBay tools to manage your eBay store. Try to promote your listings and make discounts. Because customers are the first priority. Slow growth is the key.


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